AZTECK - the individual Pool concept with the natural charm

one concept - infinite options

You are searching for a pool, which fits in your garden quite naturally?
And which could be build exactly according to your ideas?
Here it is.

Many different shapes, sizes and depths are available


Both the exterior cladding and the pool liner are available in many different designs.


Thanks to its self-supporting construction, AZTECK pools can be placed above ground or alternatively half or completely embedded in the earth.


Customized solutions are also possible. These pools can be enlarged at any time – even subsequently.

a unique concept, which gives you flexibility - today and in the future

sustainable, long-lasting and just amazing

You are searching for a pool, which is made for the most part with renewable materials?
And which therefore is also impressive in terms of sustainability?
Here it is.
Enjoy nativeness and conserve the nature

The cladding of the AZTECK pools is made of a wood-plastic-compositematerial. Therefore it is aesthetic, warm and non-slippery as wood, but at the same time resistant against any type of environmental influences. No knots or other irregularities disturb the aesthetic quality of the cladding.

For the production of this material we use sawdust and wood chips, which incur in the production of wood anyway. So no single tree needs to be felled for the production. The wood-plastic-composite-material is not treated with chemicals, does not splinter and is absolutely maintenance-free.

Standard eqipment for above ground pools: Security cover for the ladder.

  • 10 years warranty

    on pool construction

  • Composition of the cladding:
  • 65 % wood

    benefit: aesthetic, warm and non-slippery

  • 35 % plastic

    benefit: resistant against any type of environmental influences.

solid, elaborate and easy to install

You are searching for a pool, which requires only little structural works?
And is yet solid and of high quality?
Here it is.
All parts of a AZTECK pool fit through a standard door. Therefore they are easy to install, even if the area is hard to reach.
The only structural measure which is necessary for a AZTECK pool is a stable and flat surface or a concrete floor without any openings.
The structure of the pool is made of stable steel plates, which are connected through special steel angles.
The steel angles are specially designed, so that wires and cables could be installed between the steel plates and the cladding.
The enormous stability of the construction is guaranteed through the unique, patented connection system. This system enables it to fix all elements of the construction in one operation.
The cladding is made of single elements, which are easily plugged together in the tongue and groove system.
The „Skimmer Dress“ is standard equipment for all AZTECK pools. Therefore the skimmer basket is perfectly covered, but yet easily accessible.

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